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Against new type of coronal pneumonia
Date:2020-2-18 Click:984

This Spring Festival is a special year. All over the country are fighting pneumonia epidemic.On the 12th day of Wuhan's closure, the number of people infected with the virus in Hubei Province has exceeded 10000.Besides Hubei, Zhejiang, 800 kilometers away from Wuhan, has also become a major disaster area.The reason can not be separated from one word: Zhejiang businessmen.From Shen Wansan, the richest man in the early Ming Dynasty, to Ma Yun and Ding Lei, Zhejiang businessmen have become an important force in promoting China's economic development,Zhejiang's products are also all over the country, including fans and pumps. Taizhou is rich in rotor fans, DC motors, centrifugal fans, air conditioning fans, coaxial fans, cabinet fans, square fans and so on.Every Spring Festival, when Zhejiang businessmen return home for the Spring Festival, the population flow is very large, so the epidemic situation in Zhejiang is inevitable.When the number of confirmed cases of new pneumonia in whole country is still in a slow rising period, and there is no large-scale increase, Zhejiang Province is aware of the seriousness of the epidemic, and immediately starts the first-class response to public health emergencies, the whole province is in emergency preparedness.And then strict screening, isolation and protection measures for the population in Zhejiang Province,so far, not a day has fallen.If what Zhejiang does is the duty of the local government to make profits for the people, Zhejiang will spare no effort to support Wuhan, which is the duty of caring for compatriots all over the world.Zhejiang Province has set up the first group of 141 medical teams to help Wuhan.Three days later, 149 people from the second batch of medical teams in Zhejiang Province went to Wuhan again.Although Zhejiang has become a major disaster area, aid to Wuhan has never stopped.  As an enterprise in Zhejiang, we are united and overcome difficulties together.While overcoming the difficulties, we also attach great importance to the needs of our customers,In order to supply our customers as soon as possible, we will not hesitate to invest our manpower and material resources, and return to work actively.Implement personnel protection and site cleaning, strengthen personnel health management and strictly control personnel gathering activities.At the same time, we strive to win the epidemic war and actively carry out production so as to deliver products to customers as soon as possible.