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Hangda CDR2E-100 inline duct fan

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   Product Dedail:

Hangda CDR2E-100 inline duct fan

inline duct Fan 1

specs and diagram

inline duct fan Drawing

1. Good looking:The fan body be stamp by precise mould with Power coating;
2.Centrifugal  fan with backward curved impeller;
3.Compact structure,various size for option,easy for installation;
4.Using standard size for the inlet and outlet,it coule be connect with tubing directely;
5.Using extenal rotor motor,extremely low noise.

6.Application:Where needs air ventilation,such as Hotel,Meeting room,Restaurant,Station,Supermarket,Airport,ect...



7.Durable external rotor motor with thermal link,Matching speed-controllers is available

 duct fan parts details

What is our services ?                                                             


1. 100% copper wire

2. 1 year warranty

3. 30 years production experience 

4. Compact structure,high capacity and easy installation. 

5. It has moisture resistance and can be installed in moist environment. 

6. products used in unconventional environment also can be customized.