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3.8 Womens Day ,Hangda provides warm welfare for all female employees
Date:2022-3-12 Click:261

 3.8 Womens Day 

Hangda provides warm welfare for all female employees


March is a bright season, March is a blooming season,International Working Women's Day has arrivedIn order to celebrate March 8th International Working Women's Day, reflect hangda company care and care for female employees, promote the harmonious development of the company,The company issued holiday welfare for the female staff and sent warm holiday wishes to the female staff working hard in various positions of the company.

The company provides holiday benefits for employees, so that every female employee in Hangda can work happily and live a healthy life.Embodies hangda core value of people-oriented, this humanized management policy is supported by the majority of employees,It also represents the company care for employees, warms every employee, not only enhances the sense of belonging of employees, but also inspires everyones infinite enthusiasm for love and dedication.The company has formed a good enterprise centripetal force and cohesion, the company wishes all female workers more healthy, confident and beautiful!