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New Fan of Stainless Steel Long Tube Axial Fan
Date:2022-3-31 Click:132

New Fan of  Stainless  Steel Long Tube Axial Fan


 Now the fan products are very rich, different types of products can be applied in different scenarios. For users with different needs, there are some differences in the choice of fan products. From the current discussion of fan heat, stainless steel axial fan seems to be slowly becoming the trend of the new era.Hangda company developed and launched the 304 stainless steel high cylindrical rotor axial flow fan. The fan has the following advantages:

 1. High exhaust efficiency

Nowadays, people require higher exhaust efficiency of fan equipment, hoping to further meet their use needs. Not only that, but also hope that the fan equipment can provide more functions at the same time. In addition to simple exhaust, can play a good ventilation and cooling effect. Stainless steel axial fans are really needed for many production scenarios. Considering that the fan equipment needs to continue to play a role, it is more necessary to choose stainless steel material, in order to be more reliable in the use process.


2.Longer service life

For many users, they hope that the service life of the fan equipment is longer, so that it can be more convenient and can save a lot of costs. In the past, the core components of many fan products did not have too many problems, but because the shell was gradually corroded, the inside of the fan was slowly affected, which directly reduced the service life of the fan equipment. Stainless steel fan can resist external erosion, and the surface of the equipment will not rust, can greatly extend the service life of the equipment.


The size of the stainless steel fan is 200mm-600mm. The applicable environment of the fan is -30℃~60℃, and the altitude is below 1000 meters. 


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