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Hangda Fire Drill
Date:2022-6-30 Click:95

Hangda Fire Drill

Safety production is the key, Hangda attaches great importance to safety production, this morning, hangda electromechanical all staff had a fire field drill, we learned how to use fire extinguishers, quick emergency assembly, etc., for the safety production of Hangda electromechanical escort.

Summer hot, according to the market demand to push post type axial flow fan, mobile axial flow fan, these two external rotor fan is commonly used in factory workshops, warehouses, underground engineering and other places for ventilation and heat dissipation. This series of external rotor fans with large air volume, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, compact structure and other advantages, the conventional size of 400mm, 500mm, 600mm and other details welcome to consult+86-18806585008.